Clear Sapphire Kaleidoscope Glasses




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Stimulate your perception with these exclusive Sapphire crystal lenses. Featuring a unique blue Sapphire infused lens, these kaleidoscope glasses will take your visual experience to the next level. By infusing each each glass crystal with a royal blue color your vision will become overwhelmed in the colors of the deep ocean for a truly unique and exciting journey. Try out our Sapphire kaleidoscope lenses today if you dare to dive deep. Light weight and streamlines to produce a trippy, colorful pattern, this model is easy to transport and will stay on your face even during the craziest shuffle sessions. See rainbows through a pair of GloFX bug eye kaleidoscope glasses. To ensure that your kaleidoscopes stay clean and protected, a GloFX microfiber cleaning and carrying case is included with every pair.

  • Real Glass Crystal Lenses
  • Lightweight Flat Back Design
  • Free Microfiber Cleaning Case Included
  • Handcrafted in the USA

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Clear Sapphire Kaleidoscope Glasses

Clear Sapphire Kaleidoscope Glasses

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