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These kaleidoscope glasses have unique magenta infused lenses that will transform your vision into a galaxy of rose colored elegance. By combining these over stimulating kaleidoscopic lens design with magenta fumed crystal glass these lenses will transform your world. These trippy glasses offer an overwhelmingly pleasant view. Light weight and streamlines to produce a trippy, colorful pattern, this model is easy to transport and will stay on your face even during the craziest shuffle sessions. See rainbows through a pair of GloFX bug eye kaleidoscope glasses. To ensure that your kaleidoscopes stay clean and protected, a GloFX microfiber cleaning and carrying case is included with every pair.

  • Real Glass Crystal Lenses
  • Lightweight Flat Back Design
  • Free Microfiber Cleaning Case Included
  • Handcrafted in the USA

Trippy AF

I totally love this color. It tints the whole world in their weird kaleidoscope of pink. You definitely can't wear these while walking around, but they are great when you're dancing or just sitting down watching the stage.

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    Magenta Kaleidoscope Glasses

    Magenta Kaleidoscope Glasses

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