Purple Colored Wax Hair Dye




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Our purple wax hair dye is a great way to temporarily add a vibrant flash of purple to your hair. You'll go from cubicle queen to festival fashionista in just minutes. In a few simple steps you'll create vibrant colored highlights that will easily wash out. The wax will not stain your clothes, drip, melt, or rub off once it has fully dried which makes this perfect for long nights on the dance floor.

Pick up a few of your favorite colors to create that perfect ombre look. If you've ever used pomade, hair wax, or putty this works exactly the same. We suggest thin, even, applications until your achieve the vibrance you are looking for. This will work great in all colored hair, even dark colors.

Simple instructions:

  • Blow dry your hair.
  • Place a large dab of wax on your palm and spread it evenly on your hands.
  • Massage into your hair evenly, or just do chunks to create layers.
  • Allow to product to dry, usually this takes about 30 minutes.
  • Brush your hair out with a comb, this will remove clumps and help your hair look natural.
  • Style your hair!
  • When you're done just wash your hair like normal and all of the color will come right out.

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Purple Colored Wax Hair Dye

Purple Colored Wax Hair Dye

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