Nano Flux Glove Set



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The Nano Series of lights is the smallest gloving microlight ever produced! It's so small that they use a CR1225 battery but still give you 14+ hours of use. The same modes and brightness that you love with the standard Flux!

The Nano Flux glove set comes with 25 vibrant colors with 3 different tints each. Each chip can be programmed to hold up to 5 modes with 8 colors per mode. With 36 different strobe patterns there are tons of options for you to fall in love with. Includes an easy to use conjure mode.

  • Each Set Includes:
  • 1 Pair of White Magic Stretch Gloves
  • 20x Batteries
  • 10x Diffusers
  • 10x Ergo Cases
  • 10x Flux Microlights


Once you go nanos you can't go back!!

Nanos in my opinion have changed the game of gloving in a big way (pun intended). The size of the nanos are perfect it makes giving a light show as easy as giving a finger show. Plus with the cases that have great grip I finally found a light I can be completely comfortable with. You don't lose any of the brightness or features that the normal size flux light have either. So if normal size lights have never been the perfect fit I highly recommend getting a set of nanos

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    Nano Flux Glove Set

    Nano Flux Glove Set

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