Nano Simplex Glove Set



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The Nano Series of lights is the smallest gloving microlight ever produced! It's so small that they use a CR1225 battery but still give you 14+ hours of use. The same modes and brightness that you love with the standard Simplex.

The Nano Simplex glove set features a powerful and brilliant microlight at an affordable price. These chips have three modes that allow you to choose up to 8 unique colors from their 25 color palette. They also have a conjuring mode, saves modes when changing batteries, and long lasting battery life.

  • Each Set Includes:
  • 1 Pair of White Magic Stretch Gloves
  • 20x Batteries
  • 10x Diffusers
  • 10x Ergo Cases
  • 10x Simplex Microlights

  • To edit colors:
  • Turn your light ON and navigate to the mode you would like to edit.
  • Click and Hold the button, and when the light flashes GREEN, release it.
  • Click to navigate through your color selection by clicking the button.
  • Click and hold to select the current color, it will cycle through 3 brightness settings, release on the desired brightness.
  • To select a blank space, click and hold on Blinking RED and release when the LED flashes RED.


Theo D -Tdot Glover- Review

These chips are amazing. If you are looking for a small chip, then look no further. Even with the modes and colors, you have soo many options. Do not hesitate to try these out.

You can even customize your orbits with frosty (og) bulbs which are an option at no extra cost.

The click on these is so crisp, my lettuce is jelly. I really dig chips under my fingers for conjuring and mode switching, and with the simplex nano's I can do a click finger roll on - off that is oh so sexy.

Buy these, gift them, try them out at festivals if you don't want any other sets taken away, but for myself, these are my main ones to play around with.

Theo D [OSM] [TLNT] :)

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Super easy to use and great for beginners!
Not as many options in programming but they are built just as good as the more expensive chips.

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Nano Simplex Glove Set

Nano Simplex Glove Set

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