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Want to party hard and want to avoid the next-day hangover? This simple patch might be the perfect solution for you. B1 (or Thiamin) is an essential component in the body's ability to produce energy and metabolism. Without a sufficient amount of Thiamin, nearly every part of the body can feel as though it's in a state of impairment. When enough alcohol is consumed, the nutrient's level is depleted, causing a hangover. This patch contains 75mg which is slowly absorbed through the skin helping your body maintain sufficient levels.

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I wore this all night and woke up with no hangover. I felt a little tired but that was it.


    Sticky but they work

    The adhesive is reallllllly sticky. After a night it's still stuck on me like duct tape. I rip it off, in pain, and then need to use a makeup remover or alcohol wipes in order to get the sticky gunk off me. BUT totally worth it. This thing works, hangover free is the way to be.


      It's honestly great!

      Hey! Raymond, the owner of RaveReady here. I use these myself. Lately even just a few beers have been giving me morning headaches, even when I drink water. These seem to have taken care of that, so I always have a few in my wallet...I'm always rave ready.


        its magic

        I'm approaching 30 and those late nights are getting a little harder in the morning...this stuff is straight magic.


          HOLY SH*&!

          IT works! This is amazing! I put it on an hour before, took it when I got home....I was, wayyyy gone. I felt amazing in the morning! AH, this is my permanent best buddy.

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            Vitamin B1 Patch

            Vitamin B1 Patch

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