Pro Level Substance Test Kit

Bunk Police


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FeaturesEasy Pour Bottles
Made inUSA

The Pro substance testing kit from Bunk Police will line you and your whole rave fam up for responsible raving. You'll be able to identify all common substances and many rare and uncommon ones using these reagent tests through the process of elimination. When you need on the spot testing and sending off a substance to the lab is not an option, this is the best kit available.


  • 1X Mandelin Reagent
  • 1X Ehrlich Reagent
  • 1X Froehde Reagent
  • 1X Liebermann Reagent
  • 1X Hofmann
  • 1X Marquis Reagent
  • 1X Mecke Reagent
  • 1X Simon's A Reagent
  • 1X Simon's B Reagent
  • 8X Testing Test Tubes
  • 8X 20+ Page Instructional Booklets
  • 8X Durable Plastic Jars

How To:

  • Detailed instructions, tips and tricks, will be included, but these tests are very simple to conduct.


  • It's important to store your reagents in very cool and consistent temperatures. The best place to store your test kits are in the freezer, although a refrigerator or cool climate controlled room will work. Proper storage of your test kit will prolong the life of your kit of up to one full year.


  • Our Bunk Police reagent kits are made with acids and are strong enough to burn skin and clothing. It's important not to get it on your skin or in your mouth. If you get any on yourself wash with soap and water. Do your best to keep all contaminants away from the bottle and the cap.

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Pro Level Substance Test Kit

Pro Level Substance Test Kit

Reagent Shipping Policy

Continental US shipping of reagents kits is available. These Bunk Police reagents are acidic and must be shipped via UPS Ground with a hazardous label. There is an extra $3 shipping fee for individual reagents, and larger kits have a $4 fee. Bunk Police kits can not be sent to USPS PO boxes. UPS Ground takes approximately 7 days to deliver packages.

Reagent Return Policy

Bunk Police reagents are not eligible for a return or exchange. Please be sure you are ordering the proper reagent prior to placing the order. If you need held deciding which test kits to use please feel free to contact us.

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