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No one wants neon orange sponges rammed in their ears, these are almost invisible! Comfortable, hi-fi earplugs that were designed for the dance floor.  A rave essential that you shouldn't be without.  There is nothing like standing in front of the speakers and feeling the bass, the issue with that is the permanent ear damage that comes along with it.  These earplugs will let you hear the music clearly while lowering the decibel level, and their innovative design makes them virtually invisible.  

Vibes earplugs were designed to enhance your music experience.  The average club or festival has music blaring at 95db-120db and anything over 85db can cause hearing damage.  At high levels your body is straining to take in the sound and it can often cause the music to not sound as clear as it should  These earplugs use technology from hearing aids to help clean the sound 

Each set of Vibes Earplugs comes with three different size rubber cushions so these will fit you perfectly and comfortably.  Each set comes with a small hard case so that you can bring these with you to all of your favorite festivals and clubs.

Vibes ear sizes

Each set of Vibes includes:
- 1 pair of earplugs
- 3 interchangeable fit sizes (small, medium, large)
- Pocket sized hard case for easy storage
- Contribution to Hear The World Foundation

Vibes Earplug Box


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They work well and the music is still clear, just not as loud. They come with 4 different sizes so they fit your eat good. They came in 4 days, thats pretty wuick.

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Vibes Earplugs

Vibes Earplugs

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