7 Items that will improve your festival experience

7 Items that will improve your festival experience

Over the years we've found that certain things can totally enhance your festival experience. To making yourselves feel better and more awake, to the way that others react to meeting you, we've got 7 ways to make an epic weekend....even better. 


These inhalers have so many uses beyond what you're probably thinking. We've all taken showers after a long rager and...ick...black rave boogers. The menthol and essential oils in these will help you breathe just a little bit easier. These come in three great flavors inclusing Cinnamint, Tropical Rush, and Berry Breeze. The refreshing cooling sensation and burst of smell good deliciousness will linger with you for about a half hour, covering up the smell of anyone who may have forgot their deodorant and giving you a burst of energy.

LED Masks

Our sound reactive masks will definitely get all eyes on you. We've met so many amazing people just because we've wandered around lighting up the world masks from this collection. They're all lightweight and were designed to be raved in, so they are comfortable and easy to use. Pick one that matches your mood and you'll make everyone around you smile without ever saying a word to them.

Hydration Bags

It's crazy that we still find people spending tons of money on hydration packs at an event just because they forgot to bring one along. Come on team, spread the word. Everyone needs a hydration pack, it gets hot out there so make sure you're staying well hydrated with one of these festival approved bags.

Testing Kits

We'll never get tired of talking about these kits. It's simple, they save lives in a matter of minutes. Fentanyl has been found mixed into other substances (cocaine, MDMA, Ketamine) at almost every major festival this year. In most of these cases the owner was under the impression they had pure doses. If you or any of your friends might even consider taking a recreational substance it is really important to have one of these kits available. Be the smart one in your crew and have the test kits. Trust us, nothing is worse than having to take a trip to the medical tent.

B1 Patches,  aka "Transdermal Thiamine Patches"

Hangover? What's that? These have changed the way we party more than any other item on this list. You'll find us wearing these whenever we're in for a long night. These transdermal vitamin patches slowly release a large does of B1 to your body. B1 helps your body process alcohol (converts carbs, fats, and protein to energy) as well as boosts your immune system. Essentially, these will make you feel pretty darn good even after 12 hours of dancing and/or drinking. Go read up on the actual science behind Thiamine (vitamin B1) or just give one of these a try. 

Kaleidoscope Glasses + Goggles

We just added a huge line of budget kaleidoscope glasses and goggles to RaveReady. For when the lights and lasers aren't enough or you're just enjoying the afternoon under a tree, these will totally transform your perspective on life. Every festival accessory should also have a function, like trippin' people into a kaleidoscope hole.

Fanny Packs

Festival fanny's are IN, but more importantly they are super functional! These dope bags are perfect to carry all of your essentials - money, ID, inhaler, testing kits, etc. You'll be prepared for everything and you won't lose a thing as you're jumping around the dance floor.

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