What to wear to your first rave?

What to wear to your first rave?

So it’s your first rave and you need to know what to wear? Well you’ve definitely come to the right place, we can get you RaveReady in no time! There are a few main factors when it comes to rave clothing, but honestly it’s a free for all. Over the years attendees have been getting more and more crazy with their outfits.

First, remember to be yourself. Don’t be your shy or reserved self, be YOU, the real YOU. The YOU that you would be if no one was judging you when they looked at you. People will accept you if you are wearing jeans or a purple dragon costume. People are so drawn to these events because there is no judgement and people will accept you for who you are.

The only thing that should alter your outfit is the weather or venue. If the rave will be at a warehouse then chances are it’s going to get really hot in there. If it’s out in the desert, its going to get cold very fast at night. Really think about where exactly the rave is being held and the conditions that you will be in. If you dress for the weather then you will stay comfortable, which is the most important thing. The weather gods won’t adjust their weather plan for you, but all outfit ideas and costumes can be adjusted to suit the weather. Don’t try and fight it, just prepare.

As for what you should wear that is really up to you. A rave is the one place you can go and not be judged by anyone.

Girls Rave Outfits and Clothing

Some girls prefer to wear Kikwears or phat pants and a t-shirt, some wear an LED tutu and bikini top, and some just go crazy wear giant furry costumes with wings, fluffies, and LEDs everywhere. It’s always a lot of fun to see what unique costumes girls will make and it gives everyone a little inspiration for the next event. If you are a little nervous going to your first rave wear your normal street clothing. Don’t be afraid to wear something you would wear to the mall to go shopping, with really comfortable shoes. Remember, you’ll be dancing most of the night, so no heels!

Guys Rave Clothing

Guy’s always have it easy. You can just throw on a t-shirt and jeans if you want and no one would care or notice. Still, it’s awesome when guys do dress up and they always get a ton of attention. Whether they pull out an old school pair of Kikwears of phat pants, an LED shirt, or a completely custom made outfit made of EL wire. Personally, I suggest getting some UFO pants because they are super light weight and very comfortable to dance in. Just remember to wear your most comfortable shoes, you will be standing and dancing most of the night so its important to stay comfortable.

So in conclusion, relax, it’s just a rave. Wear what you feel comfortable in and want to dance in. Wear whatever your heart desires because no one will judge you…just make sure you have those comfortable shoes.

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