4 Easy Ways To Improve Our Scene

4 Easy Ways To Improve Our Scene

Go to an Underground Event

If you’ve found this post than it’s time for you to go to an underground. I’m not talking about the club, a Steve Aoki pool party, or some secret Skrillex show. There are so many small promoters who struggle every weekend to put on a good show with the best talent they can afford. These small crews are throwing events for the love of it, and usually lose money week after week. Just because these small events don’t feature 30 foot tall animatronics and your favorite headlining DJ doesn’t mean you won’t find a great time. Many of the worlds top DJs started playing in the underground scene including Deadmau5, Kaskade, PvD, John Digweed, and Pretty Lights, just to name a few off the top of my head.

Seeing the small events will help you appreciate the large events and all that goes into making them a reality.

Let’s Clean Up

This problem effects you more than you probably realize. That trash mess increases costs to clean the venue and increases the costs to rent the venue. I’ve spoken to many venue owners over the years who simply did not want to deal with the mess and refused to rent it for events that have our type of crowd. If you owned a piece of property would you want to rent it to people who would trash it?

First, make an effort to not throw your garbage on the ground. I totally understand stuff gets left behind or accidentally dropped, but more often than not that trash is on the ground because someone chose to leave it there. Nothing is worse than finding that perfect chill spot to find out it has been destroyed by the last person who was there. No one wants to sit in cigarette butts and half eaten tacos.

Next, consider picking up after one another and holding your friends accountable for their trash. I would never ask you to pick up a piece of nasty trash at an event, but if you see a clean water bottle on the ground PICK IT UP! If you see a friend drop something, point them in the direction of a trash can. If just half the people at a festival grabbed a single piece of trash the venue would look so much better when we were done with it.

Stop Following Crappy Social Accounts

Half of the social media pages you are subscribed to are most likely run by people whose entire goal is make money off of them. I have no doubt that you’ve noticed them. They limit the freedom of information and are hurting the scene as a whole by distributing only content that they can profit off of. It’s really time that we stop promoting these pages and focus on collective community based groups.

One of the largest offenders that I’ve seen is the "unofficial EDC group" on Facebook. At first glance this looks like a great way to communicate with fellow EDC attendees but after spending enough time in the group you’ll start to see the issues. The moderator will post about “great” deals that they earn a hefty commission on while deleting posts that have good information from fellow ravers. There are a lot of similar Instagram pages and Facebook groups like this so do your best to stay away from them. They aren’t there to help you, even if the other members are.

The best way to solve this problem is the help spread those good communities around. When you find a group that has good intentions share it with your friends and other ravers. Personally I enjoy the festival subreddit. I’ve learned a lot of things and met some amazing people that I have become good friends with.

Get Involved

The number one way that you can make this scene better is to get involved. Step up, join a local crew throwing events or send in an application to one of the big guys. You deserve a voice in this scene but only if you want to work for it.

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