What is gloving?

What is gloving?

If you've been out to a rave or a party lately you've probably run into someone playing with light up LED gloves. That's gloving!

Gloving is the art of giving a light show using light up gloves and it's pretty popular among electronic music events and attendees. But don't think it's just for ravers though, the art form has morphed into a legitimate form of dance and now you can find people gloving all over the place including on televisions America's Best Dance Crew.

You probably have a few questions if you are on this page so read below for our beginners guide to gloving, we will cover everything from a basic gloving setup to some beginners techniques.

What do I want in a set of gloves?

A set of gloves generally consists of white gloves with an LED light at the end of each finger. Most people prefer white gloves because this allows the light from the LEDS to easily go through the gloves, this allows you to add additional lights on the back of the hand and the palm. In each fingertip of the gloves you can put the light of your choice (we will get to light selection a little later). For your first set we wouldn't recommend stressing over spending a ton of money, you can easily upgrade chips and bulbs in the future. Pretty easy right? Ten fingers, ten lights, now let's glove! How to glove? Gloving is a type of dance so there are no set rules to what you need to do next. There are several main techniques that we will go over in our videos. The main techniques are tutting, conjuring, liquid, finger rolls, and flailing.

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