What are Rave Gloves?

What Are Rave Gloves?

Gloving and led rave gloves have become an integral part of the rave scene in the last few years. For as long as I can remember we have used Inovas and photons at raves but in the early 2000's someone got the idea to put these lights into the finger tips of white cotton gloves. Suddenly moving your hands and fingers became a colorful and fun way to dance. Since then it has progressed into an art form.

LED Gloves consist of two main parts:

    The first and most obvious is the gloves. Most people prefer "magic stretch" white cotton gloves. These gloves are readily available here at RaveReady.com, but they are also available at stores like Kmart, Walmart, and Target. People who do not glove use them as glove liners or light winter gloves, so you can find them pretty much everywhere during the winter months.

    The second part, and probably the most important part, is your lights. Each finger uses a different light. And on each light you have the option to change out the case, the chip, the bulb, and the diffuser.

      The case is the plastic outter piece of the light. There are several cases available but the two most used cases are the OLS MicroSkinz and the Micromax. Both of these cases are extremely small and comfortable. Each of these cases allows a wide variety of chips.

      The chips are the small circuit boards that go inside of the casing. They just slip right in, so changing them out only takes a second. Each chip has different modes and interacts with the bulbs in a different way. This allows you to have different strobing, fading, or ribbon like effects on each finger tip.

      The bulbs come in hundreds of different color and pattern options. This is one of the reasons gloving has become so popular - no two glovesets have to be the same! Choose your favorite colors and patterns for each finger. There are no rules on how this is done. Just remember that each chip controls the modes of the bulbs, and each bulb acts differently.

      Lastly you get to choose a diffuser. The diffuser is a small plastic cap that goes over the tip of the bulb. The diffuser spreads the light and gives it a trailing effect. The OrbitLightShow Jelly diffusers are the best diffusers available.

LED gloves are used to help you express yourself through dance, and although they originated in the rave scene it is becoming more common in other areas of music and they have even been featured on the television shows "America's Best Dance Crew" and "So You Think You Can Dance." Gloving is an art form that is gaining traction with dancers and we expect to see a lot of creative gloving in the next few years.