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Sound Activated Light Up Shirts

Get the original light-up raver experience with our Sound Activated Equalizer T Shirts. The graphic equalizer responds to the music around you, jumping in time to your beats. Whether you choose the old-school TQ Original or the laid back Hemp Leaf; these shirts light up your night for the world to see.
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aLight Up Shades Tshirt on a black background lighting up Black TCM Shirt lighting up Equalizer Los Angeles LA
Light Up Shades Tshirt
Our Price: $24.99
a Black Autobots Animated Tshirt on a black background lighting up a Black Decepticons Animated Tshirt on a black background lighting up Purple Animated Hello Kitty Shirt
Autobots Animated Tshirt
Our Price: $24.99
Equalizer Cube Tshirt USA Flag Equalizer Shirt Flash T-Qualiser Girls Red Heart T-Shirt (Black)
Equalizer Cube LED Tshirt
Our Price: $24.99
Sound Activated Rainbow Headphones WiFi Detector Green Shirt Green Equalizer Dancers Tshirt
Rainbow LED Headphones
Our Price: $24.99
WiFi Detector Green Shirt
Our Price: $24.99
3D Equalizer TShirt TQ Raver T Equalizer Shirt Smiley T Equalizer TShirt
3D Equalizer LED TShirt
Our Price: $24.99
Raver Equalizer LED Shirt
Our Price: $24.99
T Equalizer Smiley Shirt
Our Price: $24.99
Girls EQ Groovin' Tshirt  (Black) Chiller T EquBlue Equalizer Dancers Tshirt Original Flash T-Qualiser Tee
Girls EQ Groovin' Tshirt
Our Price: $22.99
Rainbow Spiral T Equalizer Shirt Weed Pot Leaf Animated Tshirt Flash T-Qualiser Girls Heart T-Shirt (Black)
Rainbow Spiral LED Shirt
Our Price: $24.99
Chiller T Equalizer Shirt