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Rave Toys and Lights

We carry a HUGE selection of rave toys! Whether you are looking for Glow Poi, LED Pacifiers and toys, rave lights of just plain old glow sticks - we have you covered! If it glows, blinks or flashes we have it! Some of our best sellers include the LED Pacifier, LED Glasses, and Speevers Poi.

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A black drawstring bag with a RaveReady logo on it. Large bag containing 720ct Multicolored Pony Beads for kandi making A roll of 2mm elastic kandi cord.
FREE Drawstring Bag
Our Price: $0.01
72 Yards Bead Cord
Our Price: $9.99
Package of white beading cord. Package of white beading cord. Bag of about 250 heart shaped white alphabet beads.
20 Yards Bead Cord
Our Price: $2.79
10 Yards Bead Cord
Our Price: $1.59
A handful of dark blue beads. These black sunglasses have red, yellow and green rasta print on them. These black sunglasses have rainbow print on them.
720pc Dark Blue Beads
Our Price: $3.99
Rasta Drip Sunglasses
Our Price: $5.99
Rainbow Drip Sunglasses
Our Price: $5.99
Flowtoys Kiro LED Stick Kiro Flowlights (Pair) A black Dark Magic 2 yoyo designed by Andrew Boulay
Kiro FlowLight LED Stick
Our Price: $19.95
Kiro FlowLights (Pair)
Our Price: $39.90
Dark Magic 2 YoYo
Our Price: $40.99
A black JD Hitman X yoyo from YoYoJam. A green polycarbonate and metal Cerberus yoyo from YoYoJam. A red polycarbonate
Hitman X YoYo
Our Price: $41.65
Green Cerberus YoYo
Our Price: $45.00
Red Cerberus YoYo
Our Price: $45.00
A red Phenomizm yoyo with gold side caps from YoYoJam.
Red Phenomizm YoYo
Our Price: $61.99
Blue XLR8 YoYo
Our Price: $24.78
Green XLR8 YoYo
Our Price: $24.78
A blue Ben Conde YoYoJam professional plastic yoyo. The YoYoJam Theory yoyo in turquoise blue with black side caps. A metal yoyo with a blue acid wash from YoYoJam.
Blue Big Ben YoYo
Our Price: $16.20
Acid Wash Next Level YoYo
Our Price: $99.71
White and red samurai mask that lights up. A black and yellow light up EDM mask. An orange and black mask with Asian inspired flame art, it lights up!
Digital Samurai LED Mask
Our Price: $78.99
Yellow EQ Curve LED Mask
Our Price: $78.99
Orange Flare Off LED Mask
Our Price: $78.99
A purple and black mask with Asian inspired flame art, it lights up! A black mask with green circuitry, it lights up! A led mask with blue and red circuitry, it lights up!
Purple Flare Off LED Mask
Our Price: $78.99
Green Jog LED Mask
Our Price: $78.99
Blue and Red Jog LED Mask
Our Price: $78.99
A led mask with rainbow circuitry, it lights up! This red face mask has EQ panels that light up and dance to the music. A plastic tub of glowing perler beads.
Rainbow Jog LED Mask
Our Price: $78.99
Red M2 Light Up Face Mask
Our Price: $89.99