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Be Rave Ready with these LED Toys! Whether you need LED Poi, LED Glasses or just plain rave lights to make some orbits - we have you covered! We have a huge LED Toy selection and are adding new products every week so make sure you check back often.
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Flowtoys Kiro LED Stick Kiro Flowlights (Pair) White and red samurai mask that lights up.
Kiro FlowLight LED Stick
Our Price: $19.95
Kiro FlowLights (Pair)
Our Price: $39.90
Digital Samurai LED Mask
Our Price: $78.99
A black and yellow light up EDM mask. An orange and black mask with Asian inspired flame art, it lights up! A pair of lit up black Dropshades on a dark background.
Yellow EQ Curve LED Mask
Our Price: $78.99
Orange Flare Off LED Mask
Our Price: $78.99
Dropshades Sunglasses
SALE PRICE: $39.95
EL Wire Light Up Sunglasses on a dark background A black fabric light up armband on a dark background. A pair of wraparound style sunglasses with light up LEDs in them.
LED Armband and Choker
Our Price: $5.69
LED Sunglasses
Our Price: $3.79
A plastic green handheld fan that lights up with bright LEDs. An acrylic plastic bracelet with colorful light up LEDs. A photo of led light up shutter shades on a black background turned on.
Light Up LED Fan
Our Price: $3.69
LED Bangle Bracelet
Our Price: $2.99
a picture showing all the el wire colors A white light up wristband on a black background. A white light up sweatband on a black background.
EL Wire - 7ft.
Our Price: $16.99
LED Light Up Headband
Our Price: $8.99
Flowtoys Podpoi on a black background Ninja Poi Set Ninja Poi Set
Flowtoys Podpoi
Our Price: $99.85
Striped Ninja Poi Set Striped Ninja Poi Set multi-colored LED Spike Rings on a black background
LED Spike Ring
Our Price: $1.99
RaveReady LED Click Bracelet in three colors. FlowToys Air LED Stick A pair of two air flowlights, turned on, on a black background.
LED Click Bracelet
Our Price: $3.49
Air FlowLight LED Stick
Our Price: $19.95
Air FlowLights (Pair)
Our Price: $39.90
FlowToys Spectrum LED Stick Spectrum FlowLights (Pair) Green FlowLights (Pair)
Green FlowLights (Pair)
Our Price: $39.90
FlowToys Green LED Stick a rainbow led hoop over a background image of the hoops light trails a lotus led hoop over a background image of the hoops light trails
Green FlowLight LED Stick
Our Price: $19.95
Rainbow LED Hula Hoop
Our Price: $209.99
Lotus LED Hula Hoop
Our Price: $179.99