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Fluffies and Furry Leg Warmers

After making their first appearances in the US rave scene in the mid-90's, fluffies have since become a staple component of every dedicated raver girl's wardrobe. There isn't an EDM festival in the world that you can go to and not find a pair of fluffy leg warmers! People love to wear bright sexy clothing but partying all night in equally hot footwear is incredibly painful so ravers started designing and wearing their own fluffy leg warmers. These brightly color fake fur fluffies can be worn over the ugliest, dirtiest, most comfortable shoes that you own and you'll still look fabulous from head to toe. You'll be comfortable all night on the dance floor.
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Clubstyle Black Mohair Fluffies on a female model and a fabric swatch An animated gif of a plashing star, heart, and circle LED pin. Pink tie dye fluffy leg warmers
Black Mohair Fluffies
SALE PRICE: $18.99
LED Pins Bundle
Our Price: $14.99
Blended Pink Sky Fluffies
Our Price: $26.99
White and Black Spiked Fluffies on a female model. Pink sparkle fluffy leg warmers Black LED Fluffies from J. Valentine
Black LED Fluffies
Our Price: $56.99
Leopard Fluffies
Our Price: $32.99
Pink Fluffies
Our Price: $32.99
Baby Blue Fluffies
Our Price: $32.99
Black Fluffies
Our Price: $32.99
Baby Pink Fluffies
Our Price: $32.99
Gray Fluffies
Our Price: $32.99
Orange Fluffies
SALE PRICE: $18.00
Purple Fluffies
Our Price: $32.99
Red Fluffies
Our Price: $32.99
Turquoise Fluffies
Our Price: $32.99
White Fluffies
Our Price: $32.99
Yellow Fluffies
Our Price: $32.99
Black fluffies with red tips on a female model. White light up legwarmers on a model. Roma Costumes Metallic Stretch Leg Wraps on a female model
LED Fluffies
Our Price: $16.49
A pair of white super fluffy space themed fluffies. Roma Costumes pink leg warmers on a female model Roma Costumes purple leg warmers on a female model
Light Up Space Fluffies
Our Price: $62.99
Pink Leg Warmers
Our Price: $32.99
Purple Leg Warmers
Our Price: $32.99
A hot rave girl wearing fluffies made of horizontally striped uv reactive neon fur. A female model wearing long furry leg warmers from Clubstyle Clothing, she looks great in fluffies. Rainbow Blend Fluffies on a female model with a fabric swatch
Rainbow Fluffies
Our Price: $29.99
Coyote Brown Fluffies
Our Price: $26.99
Rainbow Blend Fluffies
Our Price: $29.99
These leg warmers feature a vertical striped rainbow pattern being worn by a hot rave girl. Clubstyle Black, White, and Pink Candy Stripe Fluffies on a female model and a fabric swatch Monster Turquoise, Purple, and Pink Fluffies on a female model with a fabric swatch
Rainbow Leg Warmers
Our Price: $34.99