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Men's Light Up LED Shirts

These men's LED shirts use electroluminescent panels to light up their unique designs. Our EQ shirts are sound activated and use a built in equalizer to light up the LED panels. The EQ shirts are the most popular versions because they move and dance in time with the music, and their sensitivity can me adjusted. We also have a great selection of animated shirts that are programmed to light up the LED panels in a set animated pattern. Either of these styles will definitely get you some attention, you'll be the brightest person on the dance floor!

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Equalizer Cube Tshirt A black drawstring bag with a RaveReady logo on it. aLight Up Shades Tshirt on a black background lighting up
Equalizer Cube LED Tshirt
Our Price: $24.99
FREE Drawstring Bag
Our Price: $0.01
Light Up Shades Tshirt
Our Price: $24.99
Black TCM Shirt lighting up Equalizer Los Angeles LA a Black Autobots Animated Tshirt on a black background lighting up
Autobots Animated Tshirt
Our Price: $24.99
a Black Decepticons Animated Tshirt on a black background lighting up Purple USA Flag Equalizer Shirt Red Equalizer Dancers Tshirt
Sound Activated Rainbow Headphones WiFi Detector Blue Shirt WiFi Detector Green Shirt
Rainbow LED Headphones
Our Price: $24.99
WiFi Detector Blue Shirt
Our Price: $24.99
WiFi Detector Green Shirt
Our Price: $24.99
Green Equalizer Dancers Tshirt 3D Equalizer TShirt TQ Raver T Equalizer Shirt
3D Equalizer LED TShirt
Our Price: $24.99
Raver Equalizer LED Shirt
Our Price: $24.99
Smiley T Equalizer TShirt Chiller T EquBlue Equalizer Dancers Tshirt Original Flash T-Qualiser Tee
T Equalizer Smiley Shirt
Our Price: $24.99
Rainbow Spiral T Equalizer Shirt Weed Pot Leaf Animated Tshirt Flash T-Spiral T Equalizer Shirt
Rainbow Spiral LED Shirt
Our Price: $24.99
Spiral LED Shirt
Our Price: $24.99
Chiller T Equalizer Shirt