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Flowtoys strives to inspire creative expression through movement - also known as flow. Their Flowtoys products provide us with a path for meditation through movement, expression through performance, endless entertainment, and wonderful communities of friends and family around the world who share our interest in flow. Each of their toys has been created from the ground up with respect to the user, the manufacturer, and the world around us as they strive to use the greenest methods possible. Grab yourself some Flowtoys and lets play!

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Flowtoys Kiro LED Stick Kiro Flowlights (Pair) Flowtoys Podpoi on a black background
Kiro FlowLight LED Stick
Our Price: $19.95
Kiro FlowLights (Pair)
Our Price: $39.90
Flowtoys Podpoi
Our Price: $109.99
FlowToys Air LED Stick A pair of two air flowlights, turned on, on a black background. FlowToys Spectrum LED Stick
Air FlowLight LED Stick
Our Price: $19.95
Air FlowLights (Pair)
Our Price: $39.90
Spectrum FlowLights (Pair) Green FlowLights (Pair) FlowToys Green LED Stick
Green FlowLights (Pair)
Our Price: $39.90
Green FlowLight LED Stick
Our Price: $19.95
Flowtoys Flow Wand on a black background FlowToys Toroflux on Black Background FlowToys Nebula LED Stick
Flowtoys Flow Wand
Our Price: $22.95
Flowtoys Toroflux
Our Price: $20.00
Nebula FlowLights (Pair) FlowLeash (Pair) FlowToys Fire LED Stick
Nebula FlowLights (Pair)
Our Price: $39.90
FlowLeash (Pair)
Our Price: $9.85
Fire FlowLight LED Stick
Our Price: $19.95
FlowToys Water LED Stick FlowToys Earth LED Stick Spirit FlowLights (Pair)
Water FlowLight LED Stick
Our Price: $19.95
Earth FlowLight LED Stick
Our Price: $19.95
Spirit FlowLights (Pair)
Our Price: $39.90
Earth FlowLights (Pair) Water FlowLights (Pair) Fire FlowLights (Pair)
Earth FlowLights (Pair)
Our Price: $39.90
Water FlowLights (Pair)
Our Price: $39.90
Fire FlowLights (Pair)
Our Price: $39.90
FlowToys Sol LED Stick FlowToys Luna LED Stick Sol FlowLights (Pair)
Sol FlowLight LED Stick
Our Price: $19.95
Luna FlowLight LED Stick
Our Price: $19.95
Sol FlowLights (Pair)
Our Price: $39.90
Luna FlowLights (Pair) Flowlight Replacement Battery Door
Luna FlowLights (Pair)
Our Price: $39.90