Rave Ready
Be prepared - Be Rave Ready

In 2007 RaveReady was created as a means to host events, distribute unique merchandise, news, and music to the underground electronic music scene. In the last few years EDM has exploded with events and music hitting the mainstream and we've been hanging on for one crazy ride! We've been more than doubling in size every year since inception (and that's no small feat in the current economy) and have no intentions of slowing down now.

Here at RaveReady.com we pride ourselves on stocking unique and hard to find clothing, fast shipping, super-low prices, and outstanding customer service. We are factory dealers and distributors for most of the products you see here on the site and we do our best to keep it in stock all the time.

    The mission of the RaveReady is to create a bridge between artists/labels and fans by:
  • Selling merchandise that is generally unavailable or hard to sell by directing it to the proper fan.
  • Introducing new clothing lines and artists that deserve to be heard and seen!
  • Posting artist news and interviews
  • Helping people.

Still need more reasons to give us a shot? Check out our Top Ten Reasons to Shop with RaveReady or maybe some of our customers testimonials and RaveReady reviews. Maybe you need some advice trying to figure out what to wear to your first rave? We can help you there, too!